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Agazyr's second great submission to this page...

EDGES (Agazyr, 2002)

On the edge of the plank on the ship
On the edge of the world
I look over the edges
Please bury me before I die
Put me in my grave before I grow old
Write an epitaph:
       Here lies a man with many lies
Lies from across the horizon brought 
By the messenger of the sky

Petunia sent in this wonderful story for you all to read...

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Petunia, 2000)

  She was looking in the mirror on the eve of her 50th birthday. What she saw there, behind the happiness of the present did not please her. Looking deep into her own eyes she realized how sad her adult life has been. She wanted to look away but she couldn't turn her eyes away from the mirror.
  The town where Abigail had grown up was rather small with a population of about two thousand people. On Main Street there was one grocery store, a department store and a couple of convenience stores. Also on Main Street were two churches, two schools, and a few shops. Apple Canyon was actually a town filled with people over fifty. The younger generation moved away in search of good jobs. The people knew each other personally and the gossip spread around town like wild fire in the wind.
  In high school, Abigail had not been a popular girl. Everyday she ate lunch alone engrossed in her favorite pastime-romance novels. She wasn't sports minded, didn't belong to any clubs, or have any friends. She was painfully shy but people assumed she was a snob. She was so shy that her first date didn't happen until she was twenty years old.
  Abigail had been so innocent in mind and body that she was hurt badly by her first experience with men and sex. His name was Scott. He promised her the moon, stars, and his love forever. It sounded wonderful to her so she gave in. After it was over, Scott drove her home and promised to call her the next day. He never did.
  Abigail was devastated. From that day on, she swore that another man would never get close to her either emotionally or physically, again. This strategy worked for a long time but she was lonely.
  Then she met Raoul. It was a typical Saturday afternoon. Abigail was out for a stroll to pass the time, when she ran into the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a very sexy body. He wore a green shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.
  It was love at first sight for Abigail. They apologized to each other for bumping into each other and he asked her out for coffee.
  Over coffee at the local diner, Abigail told Raoul her life story, even about Scott. He seemed honest and sincere. To Abigail, they had a lot in common, Raoul was very easy to talk to. He was perfect in Abigails' eyes.
  Their courtship was like the romance novels she grew up reading. They did all the romantic things that were in the novels. By the time they got married they knew each other better than most couples who have been together for years (or so Abigail thought at the time).
  After five years of wedded bliss, Raoul and Abigail welcomed their first child to their family. To Abigail her life was perfect. A wonderful husband, a new baby girl and a beautiful home. Her life was now complete.
  Unfortunately, Raoul didn't feel the same way about the changes in his life and he soon let Abigail know. She was about to find out that her perfect life was about to be shattered.
  On Claras' first birthday, Abigail was busy in the kitchen preparing for her daughters' first party, when Raoul stormed in the door.
  "Hi sweetheart. You're home early," she said as she embraced him.
  He pushed her aside and stormed into the living room. Abigail was so shocked by his behavior that she had to find out what happened.
  "What's wrong, honey?"
  "I just lost my job for being late every morning in the last six months," he snapped. "It 's all your fault for letting that brat cry all night. I really hate that kid sometimes."
  I'm sorry, honey. Tonight I'll make sure she's quiet."
  "Too little, too late. You should have thought of that in the last six months."
  Raouls' words stung her like a bee. She left the room in tears and went to check on Clara. She was still sleeping thank goodness.
  There came a loud crash from the living room so Abigail rushed to see what had happened.
  "What in hell are you doing, Raoul?"
  "Get out of my sight, bitch. This is all your fault for having that brat."
  "How can you say that about your own daughter? She and I love you. We're your family."
  Raoul was so angry, he decided to leave before he really hurt Abigail because he felt like killing them both. He didn't come back for two days.
  The bouts of anger, and hateful words went on for years. The same thing every day-angry words, destructive behavior, and gallons of liquor. It was a very frightful way to live so Abigail moved Clara to her parents' home. At least Clara wouldn't be exposed to the violence anymore. Someday they would both leave.
  That appeased Raoul somewhat but Abigail was miserable. She realized no one should have to live this way. She missed Clara so much that her heart ached.
  It was a cold December day when a light came on in Abigails' head. Raoul was at the bar drinking again so she packed up her things and moved to her parents' home. She didn't even leave a note.
  It was sad to leave the home she had known for ten years but she knew it hadn't been a home but a prison. There was no love-just hatred, anger, and violence.
  Over the next two weeks Abigail and Clara made plans to leave town. Raoul didn't even come looking for her. She knew he didn't want either of them.
  Abigail and Clara moved to New York City. It was overwhelming but it wasn't long before they settled in, Clara at school and Abigail at her first job. It was a struggle, but they adjusted very well.
  One day at work, Abigail looked up from her desk and they're stood a man.
  "Hello, Abigail," he said.
  "My name is Darren and I have seen you here everyday, and until now I haven't had the courage to speak to you. Would you like a cup of coffee?'
  Abigail wanted to go because she was lonely but she was also very cautious about men. Her experience with men hadn't been great. "Sure" she said "But just for a cup of coffee."
  That was the start of something very special. Darren and Abigail were very happy together. The three of them were now a family. Their courtship was fast and passionate. They were married three months later.
  Everyday Darren showed Abigail his love for her. All the small things he did were proof enough that his love for her was deeply embedded in his heart. Their closest times were spent making love and talking. No matter what she said or did, Darren wouldn't criticize her or put her down. Most of the time she couldn't believe that he was actually real.
  It was fate that brought them together and Abigail swore she would keep them together for the rest of her life.
  Now looking in the mirror on the eve of her birthday, she realized that the heartache and abuse she had endured would (and did) eventually lead to happiness with Darren, the wonderful man sleeping across the room. She knew now that Darren was the perfect man for her as she crawled into bed beside the man of her dreams.


This narratives page can also contain poetry, as these poems by Spring illustrates.

MY ANGEL (Spring, 2001)

His hair is dark, short and brown,
my world he's turned upside down.
He has eyes so big and brown,
in them I feel myself start to drown.
His smile, so genuine and so bright,
it always lights up my night,
like the flikering glow of candlelight.
His body, it fits so perfect to mine,
and so I believe it will for all time.
These arms enfold me in a warm embrace,
I feel as though I've been touched by grace.
I sigh and bury my head against his chest,
to protect me, he'll do his best.
My angel my angel, my heart, soul, and life,
oh how I long to become your wife.
Wherever you are, there is my home,
never far from you shall I roam.


MY ANGEL IS GONE (Spring, 2001)

Have I fallen from Grace?
that you hide my angel's face?
Is something amiss?
that you take away his kiss?
Have I done some harm?
for I no longer feel his arms.
Please, I beg of you, bring him back to me,
and forever yours, my life shall be.
Forever a righteous life I shall lead,
if you forever give him to me indeed.


To kick off on this page, Agazyr submitted a story of his...

LATE TRAIN (Agazyr, 2000)

The train station was empty when I arrived. Ten-twenty the clock said it was. The wind was blowing some unattended papers and pieces of wrappings through the air, onto the rails.
The train would be here in fifteen minutes.
I sat down on the metal bench next to the empty dustbin. The gause-like pattern was very uncomfortable, if you'd sit here for half an hour you'd be able to feel the impression it left on your behind.
Footsteps broke the silence. Someone else had walked into the train station. I couldn't care less about it and payed no attention to that person, why should I? I looked at the clock, four minutes until the train would arrive.
When I wanted to stare into the deep again my eyes looked at the person who just came walking up. It was a middle aged woman wearing a long, black coat. But quickly I moved my field of view in the deep again, sighing.
I sat there for a while like that. Till my peace was disturbed.
"Is the train always this late?" It was the woman that spoke.
I looked at the clock, the train was ten minutes late. "In this hellish paradise the trains are always late. And it would be my kind of luck if it would not come at all."
"Where are you going?" The lady asked.
"Away..." I said, "Away from here."
"That doesn't sound that cheerful."
"It isn't," I answered chilly.
"Not really, I'm a bit stuck here, locked up...."
"In this hellish paradise," as she finished my words. I nodded.
"Do you mind if I sit next to you?"
I replied, "no," and I created a generous amount of space. She sat down right next to me.
Just as she sat down the train arrived. Moaning and squeaking the monstrosity came to a halt. The doors opened and the conductor stepped out. What a relief, I really didn't feel like it.
She stood up and turned around, looking at me if I came along.
I kept on staring forward. She walked on and got in the train.
She sat down at a window on my side of the train and she kept looking at me.
The conductor blew his little wistle and boarded the train. With a hiss the doors closed. I got up. Slowly the train started to move. Suddenly the look on the lady's face changed, her face spelled fear. I started to run along with the train. Tears rolled down my cheeks, my heart was pounding and all the sounds seemed to disappear. After a hundred yard dash I had caught up with the train. Without thinking of anything or anybody I jumped in front of it.


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