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Talker Meets 'n Greets
A talker doesn't always just stay online. People who meet on the internet sometimes meet up in 'real life', too. On The Dating Game, we've even had a few bigger get-togethers from users. This is a special section for group photos of when The Dating Game Talker's users get together. As we are always getting together for outings and Meets 'n Greets, expect this archive to grow larger as time progresses!

August 7, 2005

Left to right: Rashkae, Grimm, and Fenwick.
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

October 24th & 25th, 2001

Left to right: Enigma, Fenwick and Agazyr.
Gloucester, England, October 2001.

June, 2001

Sitting: Wolvie; Standing: Penster, Iguana and Rlic.
This is one of our "small" TDG camping trip which took place in June 2001 at Bamberton Provincial Campground.

August 26th, 2000

(East Coast) Left to right: Eyot, Ceisure, Agazyr, Penster, Rlic.
August 26th, 2000, night of saying goodbye to the Dutch boys in New Brunswick, Canada (East Coast).

August 20th, 2000

(East Coast) Above: (front) Ceisure, Eyot, Rlic, Penster, MotherJugs, Lioness.
(Back) Agazyr, Wiz, Brutus, Fred.
August 20th, 2000, Sunday Brunch at Pres Du Lac in Grand Falls New Brunswick, Canada (East Coast).

September, 1999

The third Dating Game get-together spurred on by Fenwick coming to Victoria for a visit.
This was taken on top of Mount Douglas with Victoria in the background (West Coast).
Above: Rlic, sMurf, Midnite, Fenwick.

July, 1999
[This image is temporarily missing. We're trying to find it back.]
The second Dating Game get-together, hosted in Plaster Rock,
New Brunswick (East Coast), was held at Penster’s place.
Above: (top) Penster, Motherjugs, Ceisure, Lioness.
(Bottom) Rlic, Brutus, Flea, Wiz.

April, 1999

The very first Dating Game get-together,
at the Cheesecake Café in Victoria, British Columbia. (West Coast)
Above: Iguana, Penster, Rlic, Smurf, That.